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Photographer: Kiarang Alaei  (Karma=49415)
I happen to be somewhere like Paris texas, was born in Iran 

About: Born in 1976 on a piece of land in the east of this great world.
The scream of my mother still reverberates in my ears when she was given birth to me. I feel this scream is spreading across all pieces of the world. Mother promised not to leave me alone. Soon loneliness conquered all my soul. It was then, when I started to search mother in all the women and often failed.
I started my work with making films, but now I am in love with photography. The world of fixed instants is more attractive to me than the world of moving pictures. I believe that photography is better able to find a quiet and beautiful place in this noisy world. To take photos is, to me, to light an abandoned garden: to polish the very trivial and simple moments of this shaky life.
Should we expect "innocence" from art, we see it in photographs much more than in the Cinema. Photographs are full of silence while Cinema full of noise. And I really hate noise. Noise is terrible. You cannot see human beings in noise, while in silence; you can even hear them breathe.
I consider myself an amateur. In all these years, I have resisted all temptations to be a professional. I love to discover, and this is not possible in the world of professionals. Amateurs are able to see the other side of the things. They do a job for the job's sake and not for income or fame. Art requires loving. When a new trend develops, it is always the amateurs who are the heralds.

Self educated photographer
making court Metrages since 1994
5 medals from Festivals of Brno (czech Republic,1997), Nations (Austria,1998), Da Kino (Romania,2005), Unica (Netherlands,2005), Nations (Austria,2006)
Secretary of the Amateur photography festival of Abrang
Member of jury in the 11th Biennale of contemporary photography of Iran (2008)

my photography blog:
official websites:

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Picture Title - Faith

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 23
Views 1806
Rating 6.33 / 9 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - the Stairs

the Stairs
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 78
Views 3055
Rating 6.03 / 17 
Nikon D80

Picture Title - the Life

the Life
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 73
Views 2340
Rating 6.15 / 13 
Nikon D80

Picture Title - the Cemetery

the Cemetery
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 44
Views 2117
Rating 6.26 / 14 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Morning

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 46
Views 1569
Rating 5.84 / 9 
Nikon D80

Picture Title - the Stone

the Stone
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 51
Views 1950
Rating 6.52 / 13 
Nikon D80

Picture Title - Inn

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 54
Views 1667
Rating 5.76 / 12 
Nikon D80

Picture Title - the Tree

the Tree
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 97
Views 3280
Rating 6.37 / 23 
Nikon D80

Picture Title - Passing

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 168
Views 4402
Rating 6.58 / 44 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Twin - Abstract Seagull

Twin - Abstract Seagul
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 33
Views 1804
Rating 6.25 / 10 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Seagull

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 29
Views 1627
Rating 5.94 / 4 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Seagull

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 37
Views 1569
Rating 6.27 / 11 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - **

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 69
Views 2004
Rating 6.68 / 17 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - **

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 170
Views 5794
Rating 6.54 / 46 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Faith

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 50
Views 1912
Rating 6.57 / 16 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Solitude

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 76
Views 2551
Rating 6.21 / 25 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - The Winter

The Winter
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 75
Views 2095
Rating 6.36 / 20 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Floating in winter

Floating in winter
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 43
Views 1779
Rating 5.93 / 15 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - Thinking

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 148
Views 2638
Rating 6.39 / 44 
Nikon D200

Picture Title - The Way

The Way
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 61
Views 2288
Rating 6.18 / 19 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Glasses & Colors

Glasses & Colors
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 33
Views 1610
Rating 5.66 / 10 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Lost

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 67
Views 1745
Rating 6.00 / 13 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Flame

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 23
Views 1230
Rating 6.14 / 7 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Climb

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 74
Views 1969
Rating 6.17 / 21 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Alone Donkey

Alone Donkey
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 34
Views 1269
Rating 5.80 / 5 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Alone

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 188
Views 3484
Rating 6.46 / 45 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Passing

Kiarang Alaei
Comments 36
Views 1423
Rating 5.69 / 9 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Life between Lines

Life between Lines
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 118
Views 2341
Rating 5.93 / 21 
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Simplicity of winterII

Simplicity of winterII
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 52
Views 1332
Critiques Only
Nikon D70

Picture Title - Simplicity of winter

Simplicity of winter
Kiarang Alaei
Comments 65
Views 1303
Rating 6.17 / 13 
Nikon D70

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