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Critiques From Vincent K. Tylor

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Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/30/2008 7:55:48 PM

Very nice catch, Kim. What surprises me a little is the surprisingly good DOF you have with this lens. Are you sure it's the 80-200? Whenever I use that same lens, DOF is usually not good at all. And I use it on a tripod and stopped quite a ways down. This was taken at f/4, so the people in the background should not be this sharp. Maybe I am missing something. A very good photo for sure!
        Photo By: Kim Culbert  (K:37070)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/30/2008 7:43:04 PM

A nice colorful scene here that is also well composed. I'd only suggest trying a little darker frame to allow the colors to stand out better.
        Photo By: Stan Ciszek  (K:56854) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/30/2008 7:38:09 PM

Just saw this one. A much better crop, IMO. Beautiful colors and nicely composed keeping the stamen just off center. My only suggestion is that I'd like to see a little more depth of field so that all of the center area is in focus. Using a tripod, if possible, and stopping down a little will give you that better DOF. Very Nice image!
        Photo By: Sophie King  (K:3250)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/30/2008 7:28:19 PM

A beautiful flower here, plus I like your DOF in this photo. But, the crop does not quite work for me here. Both of the bottom corners are somewhat distracting from the flower itself. A crop might help or a different angle altogether. Just my .02... All the best, Vince
        Photo By: Sophie King  (K:3250)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/25/2008 2:11:19 AM

A beautiful winter scene and very well captured Dave.
        Photo By: Dave K  (K:-171) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/10/2008 10:01:54 PM

This photo has a lot of personality! Nice one.
        Photo By: Paul Lara  (K:88111) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/10/2008 9:47:55 PM

Very intimate portrait, Kim. While I am not the greatest fan of natural lighting for portrait work (can seem somewhat harsh, IMO), in this case you have done a very good job with it. I do believe this very same scene, with much less lighting would be even better though.

But a very good job overall here! Nice to see we are both still around and kicking on Usefilm.

: )

        Photo By: Kim Culbert  (K:37070)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/9/2008 4:27:00 AM

That's a nice walk indeed. Looks like the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.
        Photo By: kevin keightley  (K:1111)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/8/2008 9:07:43 PM

It looks like out of focus curtains to me.
        Photo By: derek pantling  (K:1929) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/8/2008 9:00:46 PM

Nice capture. The lighting makes this work for me. Good job.
        Photo By: Sam Battles  (K:667)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
8/21/2008 2:38:32 AM

I love Kailua! Nice image. Looks like a painting.
        Photo By: Charmian Vistaunet  (K:142)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
2/23/2008 8:45:52 PM

A very nice scene and colors here. But far to over-sharpened. There is also some dirt and debris around the sun and sky that needs to be cleaned out.
        Photo By: Ayten Sadak  (K:98)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
12/15/2007 5:40:06 AM

Nice photoshop work on this, IMO. Has a cartoonish appearance, which works for this kind of image.
        Photo By: Paul Lara  (K:88111) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
6/20/2007 5:07:48 AM

Nice image Rob. I have shot here quite a few times as well. From my experience, these kind of shots work best when there is just a little bit of natural lighting left in the sky. Otherwise you do get a lots of dark spots and the whites tend to be a little over exposed. This is alright as it is, but it would have balanced better with some natural sky lighting as well. Just my two cents.
        Photo By: Rob Graziano  (K:6678) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
12/8/2006 11:47:52 PM

Worth the hike!!!! Beautiful!
        Photo By: Scott Tylor  (K:407)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/11/2006 4:08:15 AM

This location reminds me of my old home in the Virginia mountains. Very colorful scene here. It makes me miss Fall. If you were to use a smaller aperture here, you would be able to get some of the foreground foliage a little sharper, which I think would be a slight improvement. Still a lovely scene just as you have it as well. Nice capture indeed.
        Photo By: Carolyn Wheeler  (K:1007)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
10/8/2006 8:57:07 AM

Beautiful colors, nicely exposed with an outstanding choice of composition. Even without the fishing pole, this would be a fantastic image. Having that lone, sharp fishing pole in this scene makes this image smashingly awesome. The little palm tree on the right is the icing on the cake for me! Great stuff here.
        Photo By: Scott Tylor  (K:407)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
8/31/2006 5:01:19 AM

Like the unusual angles here and high contrast. Her happy expression makes those features work here. You have some very unique stuff. Keep it up. Aloha.
        Photo By: levi fabiana  (K:328)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
8/31/2006 4:58:01 AM

Fantastic work Levi! The softness here in colors and her expression make this a real winner. Like the background too. Excellent depth of field and perfect sharpness in her face.

My only possible suggestion to improve this would be to crop out just a bit of the top-white portion above her head; is a little bit of a distraction for me, but that is a very minor suggestion. You have found your niche here. Great stuff in your portfolio! A hui hou.
        Photo By: levi fabiana  (K:328)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
8/24/2006 7:37:38 PM

ALL of your portraits are outstanding Levi. Creative, professional and all very interesting. You have a special gift!

Now, we need to get you that D200...
        Photo By: levi fabiana  (K:328)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
8/11/2006 8:56:29 PM

Looks like a painting. Nice mixture of flowers here. Kind of want to jump in...

Very nice photograph.
        Photo By: Ian Miller  (K:9190)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
8/10/2006 9:00:25 AM

This is really nice. Crystal clear sharpness. The added flowers are a nice bonus too. Impressive capture.

I want my macro lens back now...
        Photo By: Scott Tylor  (K:407)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
8/10/2006 8:51:51 AM

I want Sasha back...

We all miss her too much. Mischa is still looking for her friend and playmate. Zack is bored. Getting in the truck was never this easy...

Oh yes, Nice colors, good image. Or good colors, nice image.

        Photo By: Scott Tylor  (K:407)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
7/14/2006 2:05:06 AM

I think you've composed this quite well. Your angle here makes this big grouper look intimidating; like he is the king, surrounded by his court. Nice catch.
        Photo By: Carlen Boersema  (K:6789) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
6/29/2006 8:26:43 PM

Aloha Lamaro! What brings you to this place is the question? I was here two years ago, and was basically helping relocate my son Scott, (who'd just turned 18) to this beach town for his first summer away from home. I had come here myself for many special summers when I was his age that was just an outstanding experience to go through. You really grow-up being on your own like that. Guess I sort of put that idea in his head because there we were! Anyway, I was only there for about four or five days altogether with first priority helping him find a summer rental, a job and the lay of the land. So, when I did find a little time to "get out the gear", and you get a dreary day like this, it was somewhat of a downer. I did look for opportunities to find these "moody" kind of images, which of course took me to this location under the pier to begin with. The other four days were picture-perfect! I have some of of my own personal favorites from these few days here. This is the only series edited and scanned so far. Though it does not fully represent what this beach town is really like, at least from my perspective anyway, it does present the diversity to a degree of a place that has many different looks and some really FUN times. Candy Kitchen, Thrasher's Boardwalk Fries, Fishers Candy Popcorn, Bull on the Beach, Piezanos Pizza, Phillips Seafood... need I say more?

Peace to you island bro.
        Photo By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
6/29/2006 1:58:59 AM

Aloha Chris! A nice, peaceful location on the east coast here. I used to fish a lot in places like this in the mountains of Virginia. This brings back memories. I like the reflections as well as the leaves floating in the water. The B&W conversion makes sense too.

The portion of this image that I am less fond of however, is the sky; it really detracts from the rest of the scene in my opinion. From all of my experience in photography, this kind of sky is my absolute least favorite for landscape shooting. Where this type of thick, overcast, bright sky seems to work best (and is actually essential) is for shooting any kind of waterfalls, floral close up images or "into the forest" kind of shots due to the even lighting and lack of shadows. But then again, one of the keys for those types of shots is to absolutely minimize how much of that cloud cover is in the scene itself. The extra bright, thick cloud cover like this is just not very photogenic from my experience. It just seems to take my attention away from the darker, more intersting, richer portions. In this case, with this setting, I would have tried to strictly focus on the lake and trees, omitting the sky, if possible altogether. In fact you could almost make this into a panoramic, or a bookmarker and see how much potential the lower portion offers here without the sky. This is also another reason why I try shooting all locations from many different angles, focal lengths and vantage points. I hope you do the same. Thanks for your comments on my images too by the way. This IS how we all learn and improve! A hui hou.
        Photo By: Chris Hunter  (K:25634)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
6/27/2006 10:33:07 PM

I appreciate your comments on this. "eerie, relaxing, mysterious", "deep blue feeling", "mood makes the photo", "big blue", "luminous blues", "fog adds mysterious mood" "Lovecraft would be pleased", and others are basically what I felt when shooting this scene on this evening. I was actually disappointed with these dreary conditions this evening since I only had a limited time in Ocean City, with very limited opportunities for photography over all. Initially the fog was a downer too, but eventually I recognized the opportunity it offered as well.

Virtually no photoshop work and no cropping at all was done to this. No filters were used. Basically these were the conditions that existed. The long exposure does add an amount of drama and mood to this by allowing the ocean to somewhat mimic the rolling-in fog. I have others from different sunsets that are far more colorful and bright. Eventually will edit, scan and post some of these as well.

Ocean City Maryland is one of my favorite places to go! Great memories there. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. They are always appreciated. Aloha.
        Photo By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
6/27/2006 7:21:53 PM

A nice idea here with looking at the beach THROUGH the tall grass. That concept adds an extra element of mood in my opinion to a beach scene like this. Two suggestion that might help improve tthis image: For one the horizon is very slanted. I used to have this same problem years ago, but am conscience when shooting nowadays, and if I still get it wrong, will make sure to rotate the image in photoshop. The other suggestion would be to choose a smaller aperture (a larger number means smaller aperture) which would allow you to gain a greater measure of depth in this. I don't mind if the beach in the baackground is slightly out of focus, but in my opinion, stopping down some would make it a little more clear than we see here, which I believe would improve this. Or, by using a tripod you could actually stop down to f/16 or f/22 and have the entire scene as sharp as the grass. A nice idea as it is, but a few improvements, in my opinion, can make it even better!
        Photo By: Mary Therese  Marie's Photos  (K:2174) Donor

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
6/23/2006 5:24:22 AM

I second Sergio's comment... WOW!
        Photo By: Scott Tylor  (K:407)

Critique By: Vincent K. Tylor  (K:7863)  
6/16/2006 8:54:09 AM

Well, this for me is as good as it gets! These Hawaiian Monk seals are an endangered species. To have one get this close to you, in this clear water, with this setting surrounding you is simply outstanding!

Regarding the colors: If anybody were to visit Hawaii (near the equator) at this time of year when the sun is at its highest point all year, during the hottest, brightest part of the day, this IS exactly what the colors do look like if you are wearing polarized sunglasses. (which I highly recommend you wear by the way). The photo editor for Webshots, who Scott and I contract images with, used to say the same kind of thing about some of my submissions about colors being too saturated, that was UNTIL she actually flew out here and photographed locations like this for over a week in the summertime. The colors ARE this intense when the sun is this high. You get burned in less than an hour. Trust me, I know.

I showed up at this same location just after he took this and have five rolls from here, as well as the bays right behind where this was shot taken from, and the colors are simply stunningly brilliant. This is not just coincidental; but exactly why we make a point of shooting these kinds of images during this time of year. In January, everything would look very different... much different! There is nopthing unusual about the sky in this. In fact it's much less blue that what is typical. The reason why is that the sun is just beginning its descent which takes away some of that darker blue you often find out here in the tyopics. The colors of the sand, lit up with the mid-day sun, is exactly as you see it. Can be blinding to a degree. Take off your sunglasses, and you literally start squinting. The clear, shallow water has a slightly yellow tint in my opinion, but it is not overly-saturated by any means. A slight color balance from yellow to blue (and I do mean slight) would make the water look exactly what I have as well. Though to be honest, this is very close to what I remember as well.

Just looking at this with the seal relaxing, looking very cool and tropical (practically inviting us in the water) makes me want to go back to this spot and take a swim. Simply outstanding work Scott. One of my absolute favorites of yours! A hui hou.
        Photo By: Scott Tylor  (K:407)

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