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神 風
Asked by 神 風   Donor  (K=10665) on 7/10/2008 
Why are people such as Fabio Keiner allowed to make such hurtful comments such as this:

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Fabio Keiner {K:41161} 7/9/2008

sorry, but I consider it as an outright perversion of christian belief, to pray for a cat to be in heaven!! (even worse while us-troops are busy killing iraqi civilians in their thousands... we should spare our prayers for human victims of wars and oppression in order not to invalidate them, the bible told us (10 commandments:))

This is the image:

Thank you for your understanding!


 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 7/10/2008
they're not, but we can't police everything 24/7 so sometimes things slip through the cracks.

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 7/10/2008
and what makes it worse is the guy tried to force his anti-US politics into the issue by spreading hatred and lies about the US. (which would not be allowed about any country).

It's been taken care of.

Brigitte R.
 Brigitte R.  Donor  (K=25989) - Comment Date 7/13/2008
Althought I respect everyone's different views on subjects, I think the majority of people at Usefilm are very kind and careful not to post anything that is hurtful. I would just ignore it or accept it as his own opinion. I agree, it would be better left unsaid, but it's not worth getting upset over. Everyone is different. Most people have left nothing but good comments to you and are sympathetic in regards to your recent loss. My condolences to you again. Hang in there. God bless you.

Nick Karagiaouroglou
 Nick Karagiaouroglou  Donor  (K=127263) - Comment Date 7/14/2008
Though the honorable forum watchers might remove also this message of mine, because of its hurtful content, I do attempt to put a reply for Brigitte here.

Too much is taken as "hurtful" not because is really hurtful, but rather because many too many won't stand any negative critiques for something they did. This is not a priviledge of UF, this is a general thing. But mature thinking should be always able to separate between argueing for the matter/views/etc on the one side, and argueing for the person on the other side.

Finding some image good, solala, or even awful, and *telling* exactly that too, is neither "sympathetic" nor "hurtful". It's a neutral comment since the image is not identical with the maker of the image. In case the maker feels "less good as a photographer" through a comment, then this is not the problem of the commentator but the problem of the photographer. We should at last stop relating any comments directly to our own selves. Or else, how can we assume any kind of sincerity at all? And without sincerity what else can this forum evolve to than to a place where all images and all people are "great"?

Same goes for anything else too, be it arts, sports, philosophy, science, politics, whatever. In science you get really demolished for a bad publication, but this only in matters of science. Still you can be the best friend of the one who completely devastated your results. When I say that something somebody did was not good then this doesn't have absolutely anything to do with saying that this "somebody" is not good him or herself! This is elementary! I wonder how can it be that so few people understand that.

An additional question about the photography of such "personal situations" is, why does somebody post such an image? Is it because of being convinced that it is good in matters of photography? Or because of some implicit (and most of the time I guess also unconscious) assumption that the whole world has to know my own happiness/sorrow/etc. I know that this question always ends up in walking over aminefield, but it is of main importance! Why should I find it so special that somebody's cat is dead? Why does that somebody seeks comfort from completely unknown people? It is indeed a sad thing, and also understandable that somebody feels sad, but so what? Is that really so important for everybody else? Millions of people lose their relatives, friends, pets, whatever. Why should I find something special in the particular loss of a particular somebody that I don't even know? To be sincere I don't feel anything about that. I can't pretend to feel the same, since this was not a situation in which I took part as a human being. It would be only a lie to say that I feel with that somebody. I can only understand the sorrow but demanding from me to feel the same is at least naive if not also egoistic. This doesn't have to do with a less human approach. It rather has to do with distance, lacking any kind fo real relationship with somebody, being completely out of touch with that particular situation.



神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 11/9/2008
Hello Site Administration,

As you know I experienced very inappropriate comments by Fabio Keiner brought up earlier in this forum which Mr. Jeroen Wenting understandably and kindly took care of, but Fabio Keiner has been back at it ever since per all of the attached, as cited below, and especially in the 19th out of 20 never ending and ongoing harrassing comments back to where he was on July 9th and it just doesn't stop! I have had to delete images over and over again to get rid of him and his comments, but it doesn't work either so I have indeed had enough after 4 Months patiently tolerating this crap without complaining but I am absolutely sick of it!

Therefore, I request that this person be Banned once and for all and especially in that he has 1,862 images currently on our server without ever being a member to my long knowledge or at least not now and therefore is nothing but a 'Free Loading Trouble Maker'!

Additionally, please do something about Nick Karagiaouroglou who has also made very inappropriate religious and atheistic comments which have no place on this Fine Site at the same Forum cited above and on this image of mine:

and I guarantee you that my 'Deceased Cat Lucky' had absolutely NOTHING to do with the problems in the Middle East!

Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation in these matters,

Douglas Coffey

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 7/9/2008 8:19:05 PM GMT

Comment: sorry, but I consider it as an outright perversion of christian belief, to pray for a cat to be in heaven!! (even worse while us-troops are busy killing iraqi civilians in their thousands... we should spare our prayers for human victims of wars and oppression in order not to invalidate them, the bible told us (10 commandments:))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 7/19/2008 10:04:18 AM GMT

Comment: very fine and many thanks (god did extinguish all innocent animals for men's sins, saving only a couple of each species:)) whatever you feel and have felt for your cat - forgive me! - I still can't understand your public mourning)

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 7/30/2008 9:00:09 PM GMT

Comment: that very same pic rappears and reappears again (the third time) always under a different title... strange

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 7/31/2008 9:24:24 AM GMT

Comment: this curtain of rays goes up and down in 3 days :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 8/9/2008 8:35:37 PM GMT

Comment: still glorious, even after your fifth upload :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/4/2008 11:51:34 AM GMT

Comment: yes, light... but hellish overblown white, too :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/4/2008 6:45:59 PM GMT

Comment: also in this reposting the light was way too bright :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/16/2008 10:17:07 AM GMT

Comment: yes! very far behind, but you will learn from him!

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/16/2008 10:21:58 AM GMT

Comment: but ostrich' meat makes a very tasty stew :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/19/2008 8:39:13 AM GMT

Comment: very appropriate, but maybe a bit too dark and blurry (especially for that sacred mountain)... beware, sunset-man: the mountain god will punish you, if you take bad pictures of mount fuji! :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/19/2008 8:40:50 AM GMT

Comment: even if god creatzed this scene, as you blasphemically maintain, IT IS OVERBURNED in the bright parts (and it will be, also if you reload it a thousand :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/19/2008 8:42:04 AM GMT

Comment: very fine and very well seen, but hellish blurry... if it would just a bit sharper !

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/20/2008 8:42:39 AM GMT

Comment: very nice, but hellish blurry, again (which adds a special touch this time to the general atmosphere)

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/25/2008 8:43:17 AM GMT

Comment: sunsetter, it would be better to stick to your propoasal in your own pics, imho

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/25/2008 8:45:10 AM GMT

Comment: that's even stranger in blurs... adams would never approve it

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/25/2008 8:46:20 AM GMT

Comment: yes, photoshop is the name of the secret :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 10/29/2008 9:24:43 AM GMT

Comment: lamentably, the dark parts are completey drenched in pure black without any structures/details visible! ... but the landscape panorama is, of course, breathtaking... not even the worst photographer could ruin it easily :))

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 11/7/2008 7:07:52 AM GMT

Comment: ah, the last god has left a minute ago :)) (if only the clouds wouldn't show that overburn... those flaws of analogue film show clearly the advantage of digital photography nowadays:)

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 11/9/2008 10:07:45 AM GMT

Comment: those fires are god's punishment for your many sins you have committed (and are commiting still) ... god hates USA, I am sure!:)) ... nevermind, the atmosphere is very fine, but still your classic problem with dark/black parts completely amorphous against the overburned white/light spots where the sun... you urgently need a better filter and/or a digital cam, otherwise your sunsets/sunrises never will be how they could be!

Comment By: Fabio Keiner
Date: 11/9/2008 10:09:21 AM GMT

Comment: same problem as always... bright parts overburned, dark parts a amorphous black hole :))

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 12/7/2008
Dear Site Administration and ALL UseFilm Photographers,

Once again just this morning this FABIO KEINER has place a smart 'Suicidal' remark on my image wanting me to 'Jump into my image and kill myself'! What kind of a sick person such as that is allowed to remain on this Wonderful Site?

Will you please 'BAN' him once and for all and close his account to preserve the 'Sanity' of this place?

Thanks in advance for your overdue cooperation and I have been much more than patient, forgiving, and tolerant!

Nick Karagiaouroglou
 Nick Karagiaouroglou  Donor  (K=127263) - Comment Date 12/9/2008
One again, Sunset man, you really demonstrate that you are not for photography here, but rather for getting flowery comments. If you need them so much, then you can surely get them from many other people. But no forum like this can ban somebody because of bringing you critiques that are completely usual in photography. This is no place where kids get admiration from their parents, and if Fabio or somebody else finds your or mine images bad, then they will tell you or me exactly.

Now, don't repeat this senseless things over and over again, since I could also start some threads about your messages to me, when you visited my image 666 times for telling me I am the antichrist, OK? (And don't forget, I could also charge you for that.) Instead of wining about people that tell you about your own incompetence you could present your images to some professional photographer and ask him/her about your "skills". After that, let us know what he/she said, ey? (And please don't try to fool me again with your mediocre tricks. I poker much higher than you, OK?)



Steve Aronoff
 Steve Aronoff   (K=18393) - Comment Date 12/19/2008
With regard to the brusque comments of Fabio Keiner, my guess is that he gets some kind of perverse satisfaction from your reaction to him. He probably reads this forum and gloats. My suggestion is to ignore him entirely. It's probably the one reaction that he can't stand.

Nick Karagiaouroglou
 Nick Karagiaouroglou  Donor  (K=127263) - Comment Date 12/21/2008
Steve, the comments of Fabio weren't brusque at all. It is only that "Sunset Man" cannot accept anything negative about his work, exactly as he doesn't accept anything negative about his cat. When I said to him that this behavior is not really mature, and that Fabio just said what he thought, he visited one image of mine as many times as needed for letting it reach 666 views, in order to make then a comment for the image in which he told me that I must be the antichrist. (That's no joke.) He "punished" me by "prooving" my "devlishness" to the people of the forum. ;-)

Now, when somebody whines as much in public and demands somebody to be thrown out of UF because of some negative comment about an image of a cat, but at the same time goes as far to name other people "antichrists", I just can't take him seriously. To me it is completely irrelevant as I don't care about religion at all, but what counts is that in his mind he "gave it to me". So, the negative comments of Fabio are of course a reason to delete him, but the unbelievably laughable "operation 666" of "Sunset Man" is OK, ey? Such guys are really amusing. Bigotry in the best possible way for a laugh.



 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 2/9/2010
stop if Fabio. No need to come back and insult someone almost 2 years after he complained about your comments which were insulting to him in the first place.

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 3/9/2010
Thanks Jeroen, but I have really had enough of him and several others. Can you please delete all his comments and ratings from all of my images including these people below who have attacked me over and over again especially the first two who raked so many of my last 30 images or so with 1 Ratings more than a month ago? Then it would also be greatly appreciated if you would just delete this particular Forum Discussion altogether so I can 'Rest in Peace' after being here with you for well over 8 Years now. Thanks in advance and Best of Regards!

Sofia Gilbert:
Dilip Kumar Sharma:
Nick Karagiaouroglou:
Bart Aldrich:

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 3/16/2010

And it continues forever especially with Fabio as on this image just now:

Will you, Chelsea, or someone please do as I politely requested, but even moreso with Frau Bee and Sofia Gilbert? It is bad enough when one person goes through your Portfolio giving nothing but '1 Ratings', but when two do it then your overall Ratings for each image is totally destroyed unjustly.

Thanks in advance for your assistance once again!

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 3/19/2010
Do like most of us and turn off ratings on your images.
Never seen a site where there weren't people abusing it like that.

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 3/19/2010
p.s. I like your work :)

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 5/30/2010

While I greatly thank you with a belated response:

1. Fabio Keiner is back at it again such as on this most recent image of mine:

Can you please delete all his comments on all of my images and properly warn him again because he obviously has no respect for the Terms of Service nor for you and/or the Site Administration in general.

2. I have not only had to delete numerous images of mine because of him, but also 30 images straight that FRAU BEE and Sophia Gilbert attacked which I have previously spoken of.

Will you please do something about all this once and for all in addition to the 'Ratings Abuse' which has turned this Site into nothing more than a 'Popularity Contest'!

Thanks in advance once again and Best of Regards!

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 5/31/2010
Jeroen: Yet once again today now on this image ...

Will you please do something once and for all and why does Rasheed who attacked Chelsea so much have THREE Accounts and is still on this Site also?

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 5/31/2010
Steve: Please see the updates ... This guy has got to go ... Thanks!

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 6/1/2010
I can't ban or block users from posting, can only delete infdividual posts...

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 8/29/2010
Please Jeroen ... I am sick and tired of Fabio with three attacks on this image including one sexually perverted with his last comment!

神 風
 神 風  Donor  (K=10665) - Comment Date 8/29/2010
Sorry ... This is the image:

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